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Week In Review (June 16-20)

Teachers & Teaching
Florida Teacher Fired For Being A Wizard
What Prom Is All About -- And Why Teachers Go
Brits Adopt American Prom, Consider Local School Boards Too

Campaign 2008
Bush, Romer, Spellings In Florida
Obama Stakes Out Bold New Education Position(s)
[Cindy] McCain Loves For-Profit Charter Schools, Too

New Biz School Blog Should Be Called "After TFA"
New York Times Adopts "Power Couples In Education" Idea
What Happens To TFAers After Their Commitment Is Over?

Celebrity Endorsements
Supermodel Nemcova Hot For Charter Schools

Foundation Follies
More Reports From New Schools Venture Fund
Desegregation Can Work. But It Didn't. But It Can.
McGuire In As New America Education Director

Media Watch
A Blogopticon For Education?
Make Your Own Cool Charts And Graphs
New Blog Focuses On The Boys Crisis (Yes There Is One)
"Good Night, Moon...Good Night Po-Pos"

Site News
So You Think You Can Blog [Update 2]


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