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'Reading First' is Dead; Long Live 'Reading First' The Hoff
Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings wrote appropriators yesterday in a last-ditch effort to save Reading First.

I'm writing off the report, not Reading First Brittanica Blog
I have talked to too many teachers and principals who say that the training and materials they received as part of their Reading First grants were important and led to real and important gains in student achievement to think that it is useless.

0de2c1f55e1646bbb4c68e12b308ed1b328Over-Mentored? Kevin Carey
Until we really understand what we are-and aren’t-trying to accomplish with mentoring programs, it is likely that like the NYC program, we will not accomplish much.

Gov. Patrick's Union Merger Idea DOA EIA
He's not the first one to float this idea, but I get the sense even he isn't taking it too seriously, since he "listed the statewide union as a goal to be achieved more than eight years from now."

For Fordham, Everything Proves... Privatization Works AFT
When bad news about privatization is reported in the news, privatizers fight back. Then, if they have to concede, they use the "failure = success" argument. 

Mom sends 2nd grader to school with "N-word" on shirt Detention Slip
The girl had no idea why none of the little black boys or girls would play with her.


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The scripted programs Reading First used were terrible but the best effects may have been the book study that teachers did.
Not that they learned that much but that they felt valued and powerful because of the process.

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