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Obama Woos, Then Who?s The Chicago Teachers Union

Aft_hillary_flyer Obama may not have gotten the AFT endorsement and only got official approval from the NEA very late in the game (two weeks ago or so).  But he apparently got a lot of early support from his hometown AFT affiliate, the Chicago Teachers Union, which helped propel him into office in the first place.  Now, some of the folks who helped make that happen are upset that Obama's union support is being stripped out of the Obama narrative. 

Not that such a story helps Obama much -- he's trying to win independents at the center, not rally to his base.  Most folks understand that.  But the early support from the CTU  is by most accounts what really happened, for whatever that's worth, and made a difference.  And it is a familiar tale -- not just for Obama -- in which politicians woo the folks they need at a certain point, and then move on to whomever they need next. 


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how about a federal tax break for teachers as a way the federal government can help money strapped school districts raise real teacher salaries across the country.

Your link doesn't show what you say it shows? Where's the union complaints about Obama in that story?

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