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NCLB The Web Of Blame

642116d5ef54c86af16c68b05b45b8a9e89 Direct Effects (for better or worse)
Increased focus on reading and math
Annual state testing
Increased federal funding
After school tutoring
Kids getting recruited for the war in Iraq

Unintended or Indirect Effects
Teacher anxiety over test consequences
Narrowing of the curriculum towards basic skills
Focus on bubble kids closest to passing exams

Ridiculous and Unrelated Effects (including those actually claimed)
Students being held back a year in school
Students failing to graduate because of exit exams
Kids throwing up over test anxiety
Removal of ineffective teachers  (I wish!)
Teen pregnancy in Gloucester, MA
School violence, bullying
Childhood obesity, depression
The war in Iraq


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You forgot head lice--seriously, some principals said outbreaks of lice were more common post-NCLB because schools wanted to keep students in school rather than send them home if they were infected.

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