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More New EdWeek Blogs And Bloggers Not A Bad Thing

By my count, EdWeek now has a bazillion blogs -- one for each reporter, basically. 

AkKkmAlyson Klein (right) has officially joined Michele McNeil as a blogger at Campaign K12 -- no more guest blogger status for her. 

Not to be outdone, Kathleen Kennedy Manzo and Sean Cavanaugh (left) are heading a new blog, Curriculum Matters, for all the folks out there who care about what happens in classrooms, whoever you may be. 

ScI would make fun of them going overboard just like I make fun of the boys at Flypaper except that -- key difference -- these blogs actually include original reported news much of the time. 

You know, information, updates, facts not found elsewhere.  As readers of this blog well know, there's too little news on blogs and too much opinionation. 


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