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Great Writing -- All -Time Favorites

Great writing makes you care about something you might otherwise pass by.  My favorite example of this is a looong 2001 article in the New Yorker about the evolution of the ice cube industry (abstract). And so, to help make it through the long week are some strong examples of narrative nonfiction journalism that you might like -- examples from the writing class I'm taking this summer:

Cover_nurseThe Aria of Chris Matthews Mark Leibovich NYTM
Common Ground J. Anthony Lukas
Dr. Daedalus Lauren Slater Harper's
Power Steer Michael Pollan NYTM
The Duke in His Domain Truman Capote New Yorker
The Soldier Alexandra Fuller New Yorker (abstract)
Swamp Nurse Kate Boo New Yorker
"The Agent"                [PDF] (Adapted from The Looming Tower)
Can't Win for Losing (review of Working Poor in the NYT)

None of them are explicitly about K12 education, though several examples (Common Ground, Swamp Nurse, Working Poor) about poor communities and social policy. 

What are your favorite magazine or news articles, or all-time favorite nonfiction writers? Let's add to this little list.


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I thought the recent Gourevitch article in the New Yorker was amazing:


Thanks for putting together this list, Alexander.

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