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Gloucester Principal "Punks" Kids, Media, Self [UPDATED]

Punkd It turns out after all that the principal of Gloucester High School in MA was just following the lead of the San Diego educators who recently told high school students that their friends had died in drunk driving accidents (School Uses Fake Drunk Driving Tragedy to Scare Students).  So the principal made up the whole pregnancy pact thing to warn students against the dangers of teen pregnancy and premarital sex.  Indeed, there may not have been any pregnant teens.  But then the media got ahold of the story and -- neglecting to interview the students involved -- fell for it harder than the kids did, and the principal temporarily forgot that he made up the story in the first place (Mass. school official casts doubt on 'pregnancy pact').

UPDATE:  Mayor Says NCLB To Blame For Gloucester Pregnancies Swift Charlie


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