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So You Think You Can Blog [Update 2]

I'm still trying to figure out who might make a great contribution to this blog this summer, but in the meantime I've heard about a bunch of new education blogs that you might like to check out:

Smaller classes can’t be bad, but headlines can
It’s so sad, what the accountability movement has done to the quality of educational research.

History in the lawmaking Weights and Wings
What happens when a policy wonk gets an idea?

GPI, Group Parental Ignorance Where's The Sun?
The fact that parents didn’t want their children placed with special education students and they actually had the audacity to publicly admit it is well unimaginable.

So_you_think_you_can_blog2_3Sheep everydayjae
I had my first day of class last night. And I can't say how much I was underwhelmed.

Edupunk? Students 2.0
I just recently heard about edupunk, the term that’s seemingly sweeping the edublogosphere and causing all these old people to grab their dusty Sex Pistols t-shirts and bust out the black eyeliner.Link:

The end Epiphany in Baltimore
I am not tired of blogging, but I am tired of my personal life and my professional life being mixed in unhealthy ways.


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