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Big Stories Of The Day

Snapshot20080618091027New Programs for Training Charter Leaders Scrutinized EdWeek
An emerging crop of programs to prepare principals of charter schools shows promise but ???miss or treat too lightly??? certain crucial issues facing leaders of those independent public schools, a new report says.

States refusing grants for abstinence education MSNBC
Barely half the states are still in, and two more say they are leaving.

Holding Back Young Students: Is Program a Gift or a Stigma? NYT
A New York school district has revived a controversial retention practice to not only hold back nearly 12 percent of its first-graders this spring but to segregate them come fall.

Laptops Help Keep Migrant Workers' Kids in School NPR
Juan Medina, a former agricultural worker, is part of a town effort to help the children of migrant farmworkers in school. His new tool is free laptops.

Soaring Food Costs Hit School Lunch Programs NPR
In addition to home cooks and restaurant chefs, food prices are a growing problem for schools. And the fact that the school year is at an end isn't relieving concerns for a district in Massachusetts.

Teacher Bonuses Get Unions' Blessing EdWeek
One of the most ambitious pay-for-performance initiatives in Washington area schools is drawing strong teacher interest and local union support even though many national labor leaders have long asserted that it is unfair to link teachers' paychecks directly to their students' test scores.


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