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Around The Blogs In No Time, Flat

Midlife Crisis, Averted Judith Warner NYT
At a high-school English class reunion, doses of Faulkner and perspective.

More from the Excellence in Education Summit Checker
Speaking at lunch today, Secretary Spellings stated that it would be fine with her if NCLB were renamed the “Motherhood And Apple Pie” program. MAAP. Not bad.

Slurs against the apparently evil Linda Darling-Hammond SDorn
If you want to say Linda Darling-Hammond goes beyond a skeptical look at the broader claims about TFA, the burden's on you: show where she goes beyond hard-nosed skepticism, or stop making the claim.

Civil Rights for Suburbs, Mayoral Dictatorship for Cities EdNotes Online
White suburbs get to run their schools. Black and Hispanics in urban areas get no say in schools run by dicatorial mayors who put in chancellors with no experience in education (think it shows?)

Another Non-Magic Bullet TCKB
The city’s School Reform Commission voted this week to take back six of the schools.  Twenty more are on warning and could return to district control.

The First Shot in Reading War II? AFT Blog
I get to pretend to be smart on the days I read Alexander Russo's "Around the Blogs" and "Big Stories of the Day" posts. His blog is the place I go when I need a quick fix on education news.


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