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Around The Blogs -- Without Public Financing

Accountability Suspension On Hold; Reading First on the Brink EdWeek
Alyson Klein just called in from this morning's subcommittee markup of the fiscal 2009 appropriations bill for the education, labor, and health and human service departments.

It's ironic that a year after our Supreme Court struck a blow against school integration, the Christian Science Monitor reports that Holland is planning on importing American de-segregation programs.

NumbersCan You Save Jobs Without More Students? EIA
The city has seen a 41% drop in enrollment in the last 10 years. The union is planning a rally against the cuts.

Don't Be Hating Kevin Carey
I'd rather Ivy League graduates looked for their status signifiers in low-income classrooms on the Mississippi Delta than in hedge funds and investment banking houses on Wall Street.

The Fed's transportation plan will cost schools ASBJ
Now, I’m all for private enterprise. On the other hand, I thought it was federal policy to encourage the use of public transportation and to spend tax dollars efficiently.

People Who Sign Their Name “M.Ed.” Annoy Me Ryan
Save it for the Doctorate, folks.

Students' laxative-spiked cake sends teachers to hospital Hall Monitor
Didn't these teachers learn when Odysseus tried this same stunt like 3000 years ago? Or has mythology been cut from the curriculum as well.

Is Ed Week becoming The Onion? STM
This is, no joke, a front page headline from the current edition of Education Week:  Majority of Youths Found to Lack a Direction in Life.


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