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Education, Technology, and Growth Freakonomics Blog
Harvard economists Claudia Goldin and Larry Katz have an excellent new book entitled The Race Between Education and Technology.

What's Next? English-Only Commencement Speeches? LTL
School officials in Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana are considering barring students from speaking a foreign language during commencement speeches.

Obama_clintonsffstandaloneprod_affiLA Supt. Brewer: Please Let Me "Kick Some Ass" DFER
Add Los Angeles Unified Superintendent David Brewer to the shockingly long list of American school leaders who once believed that they were in charge of their schools, only to have cold water/reality dumped on their heads.

Should more students repeat a grade? AJC
A story in Sunday’s paper revealed few students were held back after failing the parts of the Criterion- Referenced Competency Tests kids must pass for promotion.

Teacher banned for using 'Freedom Writers' book Detention Slip
149 out of 150 parents signed a permission slip to have the book taught.

Federal Education Appropriations, Pending Ed Policy Watch
It's appropriations time on Capitol Hill.

The Amityville liberal Joanne Jacobs
A second-grade white girl’s “N the N-word” T-shirt was a “distraction” at her mostly nonwhite school, said the principal, who made Jaiden Haber change.


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