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P20080626wsj_2oll Finds That Blacks, Hispanics Like NCLB. The Hoff
For all of the red-hot rhetoric against NCLB, it appears that the public hasn't made up its mind. But the minority community is leaning in favor.

Which Demographic Hates NCLB the Most? Michele McNeil
About one-third of those polled think the law is hurting schools, one-third think it's helping, and the rest think it's making no difference. The folks who are the most positive about the law are Republicans (no surprise there), Latinos, and blacks.

Reading First is Dead Tim Shanahan [new blog!]
Under the circumstances, "Reading First" is politically toxic, no matter how effective it may be or how popular with the schools. Via Curriculum Matters.

Michelle Bodden to Resign as UFT Ed Notes Online
As reported in an ednotes online exclusive, Michelle Bodden, who many people were betting would be Randi Weingarten's successor as UFT President, will take over the UFT's troubled elementary charter school.

The Baby Borrowers Chad Aldeman
NBC debuted a new reality show tonight called The Baby Borrowers. Five teenage (unmarried) couples attempt to parent a baby for three days. It's horrendously riveting television.


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