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A New Car For Perfect Attendance; $100/Month For Housing

While pundits and educators are wringing their hands about incentive pay for teachers and small-scale cash incentives for student achievement, districts and public service agencies are going whole hog to try and make things better for schools.  In Chicago this week, the district gave a 12 year-old girl (and her family, pictured) a new car for her perfect attendance ((Tribune).

In Flint, Michigan, service agencies are giving low-income parents $100 a month in housing assistance to try and lower student mobility rates (To Avoid Student Turnover, Parents Get Rent Help NYT).

For many, this is a cause for more wailing and gnashing of teeth.  My only question is whether these programs work (the Flint one has been studied and seems effective) and are targeting the people most in need.  Let's not be prissy and idealistic about what we're trying to do here, folks. 


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