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Obama In Colorado [Updated]

At the event, Obama regurgitated the (inaccurate) slam that NCLB relies on a "a single, high-stakes test," according to this report (Obama tours Colorado school, touts education plans EdWeek) and did the whole curriculum narrowing thing, too, about which I have my doubts.

He's also proposing a national service-type thing that to my eye looks an awful lot like a federal version of TFA.  Just what schools (and school reform) doesn't need -- more FNG short-timers making everyone feel good about high-need schools (Full text of Obama's education speech). Yeah, I'm against that.

Click here to see pics of Obama at the MESA school and to read his latest on revamping high school education Obama Visits School in Thorton, Colorado.

Denver Post here: Obama praises successful Thornton school

Candidates Split Sharply On Bush's No Child Left Behind Law  Wall Street Journal ($)
Sen. Obama wants to overhaul the law, while Sen. McCain wants to extend it.

Click here if the video doesn't load.


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