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Morning Notes From The Blogger Summit

From the EDIN08 Blogger Summit:  Governor Romer wants governors to adopt higher standards -- with financial support from the feds. USA Today's Richard Whitmire thinks that the campaign will turn back towards education in the general election -- towards early childhood, specifically.  Ed_in_08_logo_homeThe AFT (John Mitchell) and the Ed Trust (Amy Wilkins) are still arguing over whether NCLB grades schools based on a "single test."  Newt still gives great one-liners, agree with him or not:  "Given the slow pace of adoption by education bureaucracies, laptop computers will have to come down to $11 before they're adopted by the Detroit school system."  A paraphrase.  Blogger, teacher, and author Dan Brown has asked the most intense questions so far -- one about high stakes testing and the about the dangers of taking an extreme  de-Bathification approach to bypassing educators.  TMAO (Kilian) red-eyed it from the West Coast but is ready to go. Will Okun, too.  They're a woman here Sylvia Martinez with her laptop pointed towards the podium -- she's ustreaming the event (live streaming video).  Very cool.  I'm sitting at a table with five other education bloggers.  Wish you were here.  Cheers until later.

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