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Paige Vs. Spellings: A Different Black Man, A Different White Woman

P1168625 The most interesting part of Patrick Riccards' post on who should be the next EdSec is his description of the previous EdSec, Rod Paige.  In essence, Riccards says Paige has gotten a raw deal.  Indeed, it may be true, especially given that by many accounts Paige was operating under such close orders from the White House DPC, where then-unknown Margaret Spellings was housed.  It's something that I wrote about a while back in an NRO piece about Spellings' about-face on NCLB once she became EdSec.
Unlike with Obama-Clinton, it's Spellings who's the charismatic light-footed one, what with her waivers and pilot programs and TV appearances, while Paige comes off as the plodding, humorless careerist who was overly strict about implementing NCLB.  As with Obama-Clinton, the public narrative may be substantially different from the underlying truth.

PS -- I have never seen a picture of them together, and can't find one on Google Images. 


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