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Blogger Summit In DC

Ed08registernow275x180 The imaginative and persistent folks at EDIN08 are having a "blogger summit" in a couple of weeks, which will gather a bunch of education bloggers, analysts, and the like to talk about education politics.  I'll be moderating a panel and listening in on everything else.  In particular, I'm looking forward to meeting Will Okun, the NYT blogger who teaches high school in Chicago, and Michele McNeil, who covers politics for EdWeek.  Hopefully, there will be many others.  See list of speakers here.


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Newt Gingrich is certainly showing up in some surprising places lately. He also has an anti-global warning ad with Nancy Pelosi.

How can this be an education blogger summit if only three of the people listed were in education as a teacher, school board member, etc.? This isn't to denigrate the importance of journalism or advocacy, but there appears to be something a bit ... thin ... in the list.

And, no, adding me wouldn't help.

Thanks for the heads up, Alexander - registered, see you there.

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