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Nine Million Bucks To Block NCLB

"The National Education Association (NEA), the largest US teachers' union, succeeded in blocking reauthorization of President George W Bush's 2001 "No Child Left Behind" law governing the running and judging of schools nationwide...The NEA spent $9.2 million, a 464% increase [from 2006 to 2007]." (news story here).


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One of the problems I have with opposition to NCLB is to dimish the standards established by NCLB will only reinforce the age-old thinking of veteran teachers: "This too shall pass!" As a result of such thinking, teachers opposed to any kind of change will have ammunition to hold up and wait it out. We're really only in the first quarter of the game and we need to continue to focus on fixes that will help all students achieve, instead of wasting our energy and resources battling NCLB.

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