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Choosing McCain

A trio of blog posts about McCain's education platform:

HuggiesThe Link Between School Choice and Global Competition Campaign K12
John McCain delivered an important speech today on what he will do to fix the ailing economy. Although he didn't talk much the role of education, in a five-point plan he released today to accompany his speech, he identified education..

McCain's education plans Richard Whitmire
The senator's own education advisers downplay the likelihood that education will play a major role in his campaign. The war and economy will overshadow other issues, they predict. That's probably true, but education also presents an opportunity for the senator. That opportunity, however, is not risk free.

Wistful Whitmire Flypaper
USA Today’s Richard Whitmire turns in a provocative thumbsucker at Politico on John McCain, his (still to be fleshed out) education platform, and his top education aide (and former rodeo star) Lisa Graham Keegan.


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