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Where's The Press On Obama's "These Kids" Anecdote?

The press is having a field day looking into Hillary Clinton's "red phone" 3 am ad -- first finding out that the little girl (now teenager) who is pictured in the ad is an Obama supporter, and now pointing out that some of Clinton's "experience" wasn't all that substantive (“Red Phone Moments” In Bosnia). 

This makes me wonder whether anyone's bothered to investigate Obama claims -- in particular the speech he gives about going to Dodge Elementary School in Chicago and hearing from a teacher that some teachers talk about the mostly-minority, mostly-poor students as "these kids."

Has anyone found the teacher and talked to her?  Did this really happen the way Obama tells it?  Does she feel comfortable being an Obama show pony?


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we all know you hate obama...jeez. i mean i dont see any difference between the two, at all for the most part, except skin color and gender. I'll end up voting for whichever one wins, but i dont think that matters in terms of education...

But for your work to be taken seriously you might want to relax a little bit with the obama questioning/bashing. it just gets old to see one post a day saying such and such a thing about obama is bull. you almost make me want to campaign for him. And you almost make me want to stop reading your blog...i'm getting real close to this.

In short politics suck,

hey, relax --
thanks for your comment.

sorry you're not liking the political stuff.
but it's a political blog, so that's going to happen from time to time.

i'm against all of them, just so you know.
it's just that everyone's so high on obama i feel the need to focus there.

oh i understand then...i guess the coverage is slanted his way (now that i think abotu it)-- hilary makes me cringe sometimes and obama is more fluffy so i guess that accounts for part of it -- it's like you are being mean to a cute defenseless dog.

anyway no worries...i understand compeltely now -- not sure why i didnt realize you're just watch dogging lazy journalists...


You are just as subjective about Obama as I am, except we're the mirror image.

But I don't question his anecdote. Teachers, especially young ones, are often complaining about teachers who say, "these kids can't learn ..." or something to that effect. I try to listen to those commnets, especially when they come from young teachers with fresh eyes.

But mostly, I come back to this. I have vivid memories of TWO TEACHERS in the last 15 years who have said something like that. We often make nuanced statements, bemoaning the lack of family support or other problems, and often you'll hear a less explicit comment like "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." I have no doubt that teachers "hear" these statements as saying that "these kids can't ..." But almost always I hear staements like "our kids can't ..." In those comments, which I hear almost daily, I hear frustration that we can't effectively teach our kids under the conditions and rules that we operate under.

So, my question for Obama is whether he will listen to teachers who express their concerns in a way that isn't politically correct. I hope he does. But it doesn't matter to me. I want a Black president. I was a law professor for president. I want someone to bring us together. I want someone who can address issues about the family that ordinarily can't be discussed in polite company.

It is amusing how politicians spin things to make themselves look great. What happens to all of the promises after they are elected? Excuses and more excuses. All of them talk about holding teachers accountable. They should expect the same of themselves.

Betty, i feel like the american system of elections make teh voters the only people that can hold elected officials accountable. I mean it is hard to hold one's self accoutnable. With our votes we should weild large powers of influence. however, educaiton has seemingly fallen into the bin of fuzzy soundbites an no substance and no one seems to care. The onyl way to hold president;s accoutnable is with our votes (or if we have a ton of moeny donations)...so in essence it is our job to hold them accoutnable...


It is our job, but voters don't seem to be holding elected officials accountable. Politicians who do nothing and don't even vote on issues are reelected. Bush got another four years. I'm just saying that if they are going to point fingers at the rest of us, they need to set better examples and fulfill some of their promises. Voters also need to be better about keeping up with the issues and going to the polls.

Alexander wants us to believe that he just the devil's advocate on Obama. "t's just that everyone's so high on obama i feel the need to focus there.," he claims. Look at the Mississippi returns Russo. 80% of white voters voted for Clinton. Ferraro claims he is only winning because he is black. The governor of Pennsylvania says, white voters in his state will never vote for a black man. Does this sound like "everyone's so high on him?" Maybe you should re-focus.

actually, college educated whites are big obama supporters, too.
and obama is ahead on states and delegates.

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