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Spitzer Fave Was Homeschooled TFA Alum

Medium_2330221904_5ece18c135_o According to her MySpace page, Ashley Alexander Dupre has a fascinating education and work background.  Homeschooled through 8th grade, she went to an IB-focused charter high school and joined TFA when she was just out of college.  She was interning in Roland Fryer's academic incentives shop until the end of last week.  Fryer could not be reached for comment. 


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she's hot in education, right?

I'm just glad she took the time in public service before she serviced the Governor.

Glad to know Spitzer is a TFA supporter, as well.

Seriously, though... did she do the full 2 years???

OK ---IS this true or not?

If it's not , you may want to make it clearer that it is "Made-Up News".


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<<< She was interning in Roland Fryer's academic incentives shop until the end of last week.

Now that's pay-for-performance!


I looked her up in the TFA alumni directory... but found nothing. So unless they "removed" her, then she didn't serve under that name?

sorry -- this was a joke.
read the ridiculous bio (homeschool, charter, etc.)
see the heading, "made up news"?

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