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Si Se Puede (Yes, We Can)? Turn Around Low Performing Schools

Doubleturn Turnarounds are all the rage.  Politically and practically, turning around low-performing schools is essential.  It's where school leaders and politicos show their chops -- for real or at least for a moment.  It's where the kids and teachers who need help most are often congregated (5,00 schools, 2.5 million kids) .  It's where no amount of new school creation (ie, charters) is going to get you anytime soon.  It's where NCLB is going.

There is for me, however, a sickening echo of the half-baked efforts behind comprehensive school reform (CSR) from the 1990s, and small schools conversions from earlier this decade. Can we not do that all over again, please?  That's my hope.  And, intellectually at least, the new turnaround folks seem to get it (Inside the ‘Crucible’ of School Reform).  But I'm not sure anyone else does.  And no one needs another round of failed interventions. 

Next:  A conversation with Mr. Turnaround, Andy Calkins.


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