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No Clinton Cabinet For Weingarten

UFT President Randi Weingarten's name came up pretty quickly a few months ago when we first started speculating about who would be the next education secretary.  Now it turns out that it wasn't such a wild guess.  From the NY Sun today (Path Clear for Weingarten In Washington):

Ms. Weingarten ruled out another possibility, that she would seek a position in a presidential cabinet were her favored candidate, Senator Clinton, to win the election.

She said she was deeply offended by the idea that she would only endorse Mrs. Clinton for the presidency in hopes of winning a cabinet seat, and she said she telephoned Mrs. Clinton to assure her that was not her intention when the speculation first arose.

Notice that she may not have ruled out being asked to be in the Clinton cabinet.  She just wanted to make sure that it doesn't look like she's angling for it.  But in doing so she makes it awkward and now public.  And since McElroy is out so early and we may not know who the Dem. nominee is much less if a Dem. wins the White House, it seems much less likely that she can keep that option open.

The Times has the AFT story but not the Clinton angle: 
Teachers’ Union President to Step Down; New Yorker Is Seen as Successor


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I don't know about angling, but I see Randi as more appropriate for Labor Secretary than Ed Secretary anyhow.

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