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Mobile-Blogging The Education World - With Your Help

070129_cell_phone_texting People are already starting to do this but I just wanted to encourage the trend:  Thanks to the magic of modern technology, you can weigh in on this blogsite with your thoughts or describe what's going on at event on the fly, anonymously, using pretty much any cell phone.  Good things to text about include:  SIGHTINGS (Who you just saw ducking into (or out of) the NEA building or a fancy restaurant.)  SECRETS (Great gossip about job-changes or inside thinking.) FASHION (What funny or excellent outfit someone is wearing at the meeting or event you're at.) QUIPS ( Something funny or smart or dump that you just heard.) If you have a regular cellphone, send texts to 312-286-9242.  For cellphones that allow sending and receiving emails, just send an email to thisweekineducation at gmail dot com.  Unless you want your name used, I'll just post it "From A Reader."


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