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Pointy Headed Pundits Can't Make Local Control Go Away

Schoolfunding I've already posted a couple of times about Matt Miller's fun but ridiculous article about getting rid of local school boards, but Matt Yglesias has his own thoughts and -- even better -- a handy dandy map of funding variations within states and across the country (The Trouble With Local Control). He's also got a million readers and lots of fun comments to check out.

"Miller's article isn't even primarily about money. Instead, it's about the fact that these general institutional issue persists throughout our educational system -- things are wildly different from district to district, and especially from state to state. That's the American tradition of local control at work. But while this is very much our tradition, it's not a very good one."

Yglesias' best point is his last one -- that Iowa and New Hampshire are fierce local control states, and early in the political primary season.  Who's gonna go against that if they want to win national office?  If only Miller had called Yglesias before he wrote the piece.  I propose a ban on "neat" policy notions that include no viable path towards adoption.


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