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"I Have Been An Unwilling Participant In The Destruction Of Young Lives."

Are teachers responsible for what they do to kids "because they have to"? Do kids care whether it's the teacher or some outside force at work? Chicago teacher Will Okun has a new blog post out (‘They Schools’) about, among other things,  the sometimes terrible things that teachers do to urban youth, most of it involuntarily.  Okun quotes a teacher who says, "I have been an unwilling participant in the destruction of young lives. Simply being witness and not speaking out daily makes me feel the soulful guilt of a thief." He also links to a very political (and very foul-mouthed) video called They Schools, by Ded Prez, which is perhaps one of the angriest screeds from a student's perspective that I've seen in a while. 

Watch at your own risk. May be NSFW.

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Thanks for sharing this. Powerful stuff.

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