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Education's Parallel World

Coming up tomorrow, the Yale  Education Leadership Conference is one part New Schools Venture Fund minisummit and one part job fair for SOM folks.  594de928acbf474e17ba781de17a6ee8187It looks like it's going to be full of people and organizations that I've written about in the past -- New Leaders, Joe Williams, Paul Tough, etc. -- and people I'm still hoping to profile -- Steve Barr, etc.  In addition I'm looking forward to meeting new folks -- Marc Lampkin from EDIN08 (now called "executive director" -- wonder if Romer knows?), Dennis Littky from Big Picture who I've talked to but never met, and Adam Newman from Eduventures, which just sold off part of its business.  Based on previous experience, it's likely to be a little charter-heavy and hand-wavy for me -- a little light on real folks from unions and districts and politics.  This won't be that kind of crowd.  But I'm still looking forward to it and will surely enjoy it nonetheless.



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