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Chicago Debates Obama's Education Record

53402416 Education Notes does a good job of connecting some of the back and forth that's been going on in Chicago about Obama's education record (Smearing Obama).  As you'll read, the most intense criticism has come from George Schmidt, a former Chicago teacher and CTU official who feels like Obama stood by while Mayor Daley and others crushed local schools underfoot.  I've posted a fair amount about Obama's education record, more which I'm trying to unearth, though I haven't come out for or against him.  Still, that's come across as unfair and smeary according to small schools guru Mike Klonsky.


More on Obama and Education in Chicago Class Size Matters
"We wanted him to take up the LSC cause more vigorously than he did, and he disappointed us from time to time, but never on anything major."

Clinton, Obama, NCLB and the state of the Union Mike Klonsky
Frankly, I can't see any real difference between Clinton's and Obama's positions on NCLB.


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What are you waiting for? The elections in Chicago (and NY) are over.

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