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"Bitch Is The New Black"

Actress Tina Fey went off on politics this past weekend on Saturday Night Live, taking swipes at Oprah and Obama.  She complained about Hillary Clinton being described as a bitch.  To paraphrase:   "I'm a bitch.  She's a bitch.  You know what?  Bitches  get stuff done... It's not too late, Texas and Ohio.  Bitch is the new black."   Here's the video, and here's a partial transcript. I know you think I hate Obama and this has absolutely nothing to do with education.  But really, I just think this is funny. 


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A lot of us dont like bitches or people that tolerant others walking all over them. Or others who may have done and accepted whatever it took to get to the top.

In all honesty, maybe i'm a minority in this, but if HIlary had kicked Bill to the curb like she should have several times, i'd be more likley to vote for her (i still wouldnt, but the thought of it wouldnt make me cringe the way it does now).

although, that bitch thing did work for meredith brooks...anyone remember that song?

Sort of funny, I guess, but more weird, especially equating nuns terrorizing children with good governance. Isn't being terrorized and/or ignored by the President what we have now? I think it needed to make more sense to be funny; what it did instead was reveal an odd child-like submissiveness in Tina Fey.

Alexander, who thinks you hate Obama and why?

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