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Big Stories Of The Day

E13886d0445940fe18f2e1624fa958fd9f1RR Donnelley wins $800M contract from McGraw-Hill Education Forbes
Donnelley, a Chicago-based printing company, said the contract covers textbooks, workbooks, testing material, teacher's editions and ancillary products.
Teens losing touch with common historical references USA Today
A study out today finds that about half of 17-year-olds can't identify the books or historical events associated with them.

Outside Help for Schools Possible Washington Post
The Washington Post reported in November that she had approached Mastery, and Green Dot Public Schools of Los Angeles and St. Hope Public Schools in...

Nearby Schools, Worlds ApartWashington Post
Both schools met their annual performance goals last year under No Child Left Behind, a feat attained by about four-fifths of schools statewide.

School district to separate boys, girls MSNBC
Nearly four decades after this rural Georgia county stopped segregating its schools by race, it wants to divide students again _ this time by sex.

Virginia considers leaving federal education act behind
The Virginian-Pilot
In Virginia, where accountability standards pre-date No Child Left Behind, education officials have asked for waivers so the state doesn’t have to comply ...


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