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Big [Beef] Stories Of The Day

4f2fb5a38bc3316a5a541c503229096b62aSchools Scramble Menus After Big Beef Recall NPR
The largest beef recall in U.S. history has sent school districts scrambling to clean out their freezers and shake up their menus. Melissa block talks with Marsha Metzger, nutrition director for the Fort Wayne Community School District.

Parents Rise Up Against A New Approach to Math Washington Post
In Prince William and elsewhere in the country, a math textbook series ["Investigations in Number, Data, and Space," a Pearson School series] has fomented upheaval among some parents and teachers who say its methods are convoluted and fail to help children master basic math skills and facts.

NCLB Restructuring Found Ineffectual Ed Week
In a report that raises questions about school restructuring under the No Child Left Behind Act, a national research and advocacy group says that few of the hundreds of failing California schools that enter restructuring each year pull their test scores up enough to exit the process.

Flagging Economy Propels Financial Education EdWeek
Concerns about the foundering economy are helping to highlight the need to improve students’ understanding of money matters.


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