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Around The [Mardi Gras] Blogs

The AFTies reveal who's in "the club" and who's not (Who Was That Masked Man?).  Speaking of the club, there's a new progressive teacher union organization in DC, reveals Tom Toch (Enlightened Leadership).  Who knew? Mardigrasneworleans_wideweb__470x30Don't forget to Carnival -- especially since it's Mardi Gras week (Canivals Are Open!). Drink responsibly, of course.  Interesting advice from the ASBJ blog: Take your union rep to Starbucks.  Most of the union reps I know are sorta against that place, despite its health insurance plan.  Take them to Wal-Mart instead?  The Biz Of Ed has some good news: 15 Highlights of Bush's 2009 Education Budget.  Yes, highlights. School board members who blog are struggling, notes Eduwonk (It's Hard Out Here...). Apparently, teachers have choices (Teachers and the Choices They've Always Had).  From the Diane-Deborah blog. It's not about NCLB, says The Hoff ("No Child ... " Not NCLB).  Maybe a good sponsorship op for EDINO8?


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