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NCLB supporters will miss Romney more than most, says EdWeek (NCLB's Biggest Champion on the Trail is Dropping Out). 

F29cad070e68a03683cb7f5b5b901c32430Hillary's got two different positions on NCLB, says the EIA (Hillary to Union: "We’re Going to Get Rid of No Child Left Behind").  Plus what Bill says she thought way back when.

What Would Barack Do? from Swift Biggie (WWBOD?).

Sherman Dorn is back from being a parent and down to some real posting (Kennedy/Miller endorsement and NCLB politics). Welcome back, Prof. Dorn.

If education had a Michael Moore, it would be Jonathon Kozol.  Plus what Kevin says: On Kozol.

First Things First fizzles, says Joanne Jacobs.   

Denver goes growthy, says the CKBlog (Denver Announces Growth Model).

Pensions could still plague us, says Eduwonk (A Retiring Issue).


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