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A Scary Magazine For Education Blogs

MaglogoI don't know if it's any good or not -- that's your job -- but there's a new "magazine" for education blogs, and they're looking for contributors.  It calls itself "the new one stop shop for all your news, views, ideas and even a touch of gossip about what's floating about the edublogosphere." Check it out.  Let us know if you find anything interesting.  It seems overwhelmingly Lucy Gray to me.  (Am I supposed to Twitter about this?)


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Overwhelming = Lucy Gray. Strangely, this is not the first time my name has been associated with that word! :)

Regarding Twitter, I twitted about this (http://twitter.com/elemenous) using a nice little tool called Twit This: http://twitthis.com/. Trust me, Twitter is revolutionary!

Of course you should twitter. But about this particular story? Maybe not, it already spread through twitterland edublogosphere about 1 week ago.Matter of fact, the EduBlog Magazine has a nice round up on twitterings ... take a look if you like. P.S. Hi Lucy!

Now .. my blog URL is correct in this repost. I can't get used to that .org
http://franksblog.edublogs.org (the link in above post is incorrect, sorry all)


The edublogosphere and twitter have connected me to the most powerful, caring and sharing community around the globe. These people are also interested in the emerging technologies so important in this conceptual age we are entering. It has provided me with online PD development, advice, comraderie and general interests. Web 2.0 is just taking off in Australia, as far as I can gauge, and it is difficult for me to access as I teach in a rural P-12 School in a reasonably remote area of south eastern Australia. However, I can now tap into the resources that are available overseas. This allows me, my students and our school to be at the cutting edge of technology and because of this I have engaged students. Mylesson plans are richer and timelier and pedagogy is entwined with technology. I wish I had used twitter in earnest, sooner than I did. I have only been on it one month despite registering 6 months ago.

Nice blog....I like it.....!

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