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"You Want To Know What I Make?" A Teacher Responds

Check out this great video of teacher-performer Taylor Mali describing what he thinks when people look down on him for being a teacher.  It's aggressive and angry, but full of heart:

The first line:  "You want to know what I make?  I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could." Via Andy Carvin


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Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a veteran teacher, I salute you. I make a difference should be the rallying cry of all teachers during this election year. Do you hear us Washington???? Do you hear us America??? We are only "failing" because the politicians say so and the media laps it up. We are NOT failing, The government is failing and wants to deflect their failure on teachers and schools. The feds only spend 3-6% on education. Look at how much they spend on war. Who is the failure???? Who is failing the American people and their children. WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Support your teachers and schools.

That was absolutely wonderful and powerful. Thank you Mr. Mali for standing up for teachers who are underpaid in many cases and overworked in others. It's sad that a person who has that much control or at least spends so much time with our children are not given the respect they deserve. I say someone should give Mr. Mali the same amount of airtime that they give to the latest Britney Spears fiasco

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