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Around The Water Cooler

St_essay_fYou want an unfunded mandate? D-Ed Reckoning will show you one.  It's not NCLB (Unfunded Mandate).

Only Republican voters see Clinton as being farther left than Obama, says Matt Yglesias (Placing the Candidates). 

When will NCLB get revamped?  Maybe it doesn't matter when, says Big Charlie (Irrelevant?)

Accountability is only as good as its numbers, notes Joanne Jacobs (Fudging the numbers).  Which might mean not very good. 

What's The Hoff going to do all year if there's no new NCLB news?  He's already rehashing stuff that's been around for a long time, like this post about a play called "No Child ... " that most of us did last year.

Higher ed coverage is fading fast, says longtime education writer Richard Whitmire (The Vanishing Higher-Education Reporter).


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