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Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Bush Call for ‘No Child’ Reauthorization Meets Skeptical Reaction CQ Politics
“It’s baffling that the president has finally gained a sense of urgency for the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind,” said Miller spokeswoman Rachel Racusen. “For the last year, our committee has been working hard to improve and reauthorize the law, and the president has had many opportunities to work with us, but he has refused.”

Ap070123055298PLUS:  Grants Would Finance Private Schooling NYT

PLUS: State of the Union Excerpts AP

NEA lobbyist says 'No Child Left Behind' in peril IU Newsroom

"It's almost certain that there'll be more flexibility so that in addition to the statewide test you can look at how are students achieving based on a mix of state tests, local tests, maybe classroom level assessments, using portfolios and other ways," Packer said.

PLUS:  Unions Take Own Paths in Election EdWeek

McDonald’s to award diploma credits in Britain MSNBC
The government is giving the U.S. burger chain — along with a rail company and an airline — the right to award credits toward a high school diploma to employees who complete on-the-job training programs.


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