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Obama Education Plan Linked To School Closings & Teacher Firings

No one's looked very hard at the Obama teacher residency proposal, though there's going to be a big announcement in Chicago tomorrow that might finally get some media attention. 

The issue here is one of association.  The model for the Obama plan, run by a Chicago outfit called AUSL, has morphed into a school turnaround effort as much as anything else.  Specifically, AUSL has over the past couple of years been "given" a handful of distressed Chicago public schools -- an extremely controversial and uncertain turnaround strategy -- and folded into Mayor Daley's much-loathed "Renaissance 2010" plan (see CNN video here).

I wonder how Obama's supporters will like finding out that their guy is, in essence, supporting a school reform model that involves closing schools, firing teachers, and handing them over to an outside organization.  Four more schools are being closed and handed over to AUSL at the end of this year. See  two articles from the Chicago Tribune here: Brave new world for Chicago schools, Chicago Public Schools to fire hundreds at 8  under-performing schools.


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I'm for Obama regardless.

But did you see Mike Martin's post on EDDRA? The Chicago high schools in question are apparently in areas polluted by lead poisoning.

I'm still impressed by the honesty of the architects of their plans and The Turnaround Challenge. They acknowledge that their approach is a gamble and we still lack a lot of knowledge. Even the Ed Trust noted in the article you cite that we it is awfully hard to attract teachers to the toughest high schools.

The fact is that we still need to be motivated by hope and not simplistic beliefs that we have answers.

Mr. Russo,

I read both articles you referenced and found no mention of Barack Obama supporting school closings and private management of public schools. Can you please cite Obama on this or show a reference to Obama's plan that links it to Renaissance 2010.

there's no direct link, bernard --
sorry if that wasn't clear.
obama supports AUSL
AUSL now supports the school closings and turnaround effort in chicago
by extension -- association? -- obama supports the closings.
it's nothing more than that.

In other words, Russo is Italian. Italy, like Germany, is in Europe. Italy and German were allies in WW2. Therefore, it could be said that Russo likes Hitler. I get it. Thanks, Alexander.

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