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FY09 Budget Proposal Might Be Out A Little Early

Oreo013008 There's rumors on the Interwebs that the USDE unintentionally revealed its proposed FY09 budget proposals a few days ahead of time, though I can't vouch for any of it. Click below to see what's rumored to be proposed on Monday.  Make of it what you will. Thanks to them who sent this. Fun!

UPDATE:  Here is the spreadsheet with the FY09 figures still "hidden" it, courtesy of the eagle-eyed Jason Sakran at the Committee On Education Funding.  Sakran apparently was first to spy the USDE's mistake and post the news on CEF's website and to its members last week, which is how it got spread around.  Smart guy that he is, Sakran kept a version of the old spreadsheet, which has the new numbers.  [Remember, though, that these are totally unofficial and unconfirmed.  Could be just a Spellings plot to make you waste time this weekend.] Note to self: join CEF.

Download department_of_ed_state_by_state_funding_with_an_unofficial_fy2009_estimate.xls

Highlights (cuts are in red):

Title I: increase of $406 million (+2.9%) – less than inflation

Reading First; increase of $636 million (restores the cut Congress made to this Bush initiative.)

Even Start: eliminated, cut of $66.5 million

Teacher Quality State Grants: cut of $100 million (-3.4%)

21st Century Community Learning Centers (after school); cut of $281 million (-26%)

Education Technology State Grants: eliminated, cut of $267.5 million

Safe and Drug-Free Schools State Grants: cut of $194.8 million (-66%)

IDEA state grants: increase of $337 million (+3.1%)

Career and Technical Education: eliminated.  Cut of $1.161 billion.

Tech Prep: Eliminated: cut of $103 million

Pell Grants: increase of $1.753 billion (+10.7%) – can’t tell what that means for the maximum award.

SEOG: eliminated, cut of $757 million

LEAP: eliminated: cut of $64 million

Byrd Scholarships: eliminated: cut of $40.3 million.

Where is this from?


If one “unhides” some columns (by highlighting columns P and S, then on the menu bar click
“format” and then click “unhide”) their FY 09 budget estimates appear!!!!  Someone at the Department apparently forgot to take out what will be in their FY 09 budget and made it publicly available (though “hidden”!)!!

Download 08stbyprogram.xls


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Apparently he Hoff put this up about 45 minutes before I did -- if you want to see his version, go here: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/NCLB-ActII/2008/01/do_unhidden_data_give_glimpse_1.html

does that burn russo? does it? I'm guessing not. But, i mean what does it matter, it just makes ED Dept. look bad, right? Am i missing some part of the importance of this?

not really -- i just went out and got the "real" spreadsheet that no one else had, and posted it above under UPDATE.

for folks whose jobs revolve around this stuff, though, it's a helpful head start, i hope.

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