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Facts Of The Union 2008

Troubled still by the President's assertion that NCLB is working? The folks at FactCheck.org say that he's not all wrong:

Bush2007sotu"He was mostly correct in describing progress in test scores since his No Child Left Behind Act was passed, but he overlooked some recent backsliding in reading scores and the fact that some test scores were on an upward trend before the new law went into effect." 

Harsh.  Click here (Facts of the Union 2008) for more details.

UPDATE:  Over at NPR, Larry Ambramson has something to say that many of you will like hearing better:

"Many educators dispute the effectiveness of No Child Left Behind NCLB . Teachers in particular say they re being asked to meet unrealistic standards, and have demanded more flexibility.... [Bush] didn't mention that reading scores in those grades have stagnated, despite No Child Left Behind...What he did not say is that the achievement gap between whites and minorities remains very large."

Link: NPR: Bush Lauds Progress in Iraq, Economic Plan


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