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EdWeek Blogger Quibbles About Latest Kennedy Bill Language

Hoff18187EdWeek's NCLB blogger David (The) Hoff  can't make up his mind between confirming and disputing my "exclusive" post from yesterday about the Kennedy effort to renew NCLB this year.  As you can tell from the headline (Russo Digs Up Old News, But Gets Story Right), he mostly ends up confirming what I wrote. 

Until yesterday, no one else had found and uploaded the latest Kennedy-Enzi language.  And no one else had specifically reported that the Kennedy legislative machine was gearing up for a new try at NCLB reauthorization. What part of "news" and "exclusive" have I missed?

By saying this, of course, I pretty much guarantee that I will make some sort of giant mistake soon -- and I'm sure David (The) Hoff and others will be eager to point it out.  But this wasn't such a one.  At least not that I know so far. 


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