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ED, Obama, & The NCLB Killers

CAMPAIGN 2008:  The 'Kette makes a dreary Monday more bearable with her slightly off-color proposal for how to make education a big issue in the political campaign (A New Commercial).

Obamacompton_2Scott Elliott says that the campaign excitement isn't translating to education (As race heats up, education simmers down).  Not all is lost, however - Obama is apparently the first candidate to screen 2 Million Minutes, a collaboration between Bob Compton (pictured with Obama) and EDIN08.

MEDIA MISDEEDS: Too much is being made by the media of expelled preschoolers, says RLC (Parents Behaving Badly?). Ditto for the whole "hot-teacher-seduces-middle schooler" thing, says TQATE (Frightening Bad Media Trend Convergence).  Meanwhile:  Kindergartener handcuffed at Queens elementary school From InsideSchools.

NCLB NEWS:   Swift Biggie finds a fascinating story and tells us that testing's not all that bad as they say (Everybody Knows?). Subgroup figures for grad rates?  I love it. (One More Thing to Disaggregate?) From The Hoff. One more category for schools to fudge.

Last but not least, a heartfelt post from the AFTies about their role on NCLB (How the AFT "Killed" NCLB Reauthorization).  Not clear from the post are why the AFT disliked the law so much considering how many givebacks it included, and if and how campaign politics were involved in the decision.  Must learn more about this.

Surprise! Kids aren't really all that good at Google, says JJ (Seek and ye shall get confused).


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If you don't understand our opposition to reauthorizatization, you have been out of the classroom too long.

Its the teachers who hate NCLB. Before you reauthorize, teachers must have confidence that the new law will actually work. NCLB I was a leap of faith, and we can't support another blind gamble.

NCLB has worsened the destructiveness of the testing culture. I haven't read the language of the latests proposed changes. But I never read a proposal that made me confident that the inherent flaws of NCLB are bing addressed.

Why would teachers allow their unions to support another untested experiment? Remember back in the day when you taught and outsiders brought in one fly-by-night experiment after another. Too many policy makers have it backwards. They need to develop viable policies and programs BEFORE they impose them on our students.

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