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Big Stories Of The Day

Nationwide 'teach-in' planned to address climate change
Piles of coal, battling windmills, and political leaders descend on college campuses.

Rosietheriveter011408Study casts doubt on No Child’s effectiveness NY Examiner
Instead of encouraging teachers to be sensitive to students’ individual needs, Valli found, high-stakes testing policies “promote an environment in which teachers are asked to relate to their students differently, enact [teaching styles] that are often at odds with their vision of best practice, and experience high levels of stress.”

Fla. schools approve free, online reading program USA Today
Elementary school teachers in Florida this fall will be the first in the nation to have access to a free, state-approved online reading program.

New limits for military recruiters at Chicago schools Chicago Tribune
Recruiters are barred from recruiting without authorization from school officials. They also must give two days notice before visiting a school, and principals can now bar recruiters after repeated infractions.

City Parents Boycotting Added Tests at 2 Schools NYT
Parents at two Manhattan elementary schools were unhappy to discover that their children had been selected to participate in “field tests,” or tests to help the state’s testing company try out questions for future tests.


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