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Big Stories Of The Day

Low-Income U.S. Children Less Likely to Have Access to Qualified Teachers EdNews
According to the study, nearly 40 percent of U.S. eighth graders do not have access to highly qualified teachers.

59f81ec3f7453bbc1d874df58bc61d62b6cFinal Year's Realities Push Big Ideas Into Background Washington Post... such as pumping $30 billion more into his anti-AIDS projects in Africa, reauthorizing his No Child Left Behind education program, extending $2 billion ...

PLUS: NEA lobbyist says 'No Child Left Behind' in peril IU News

HISD may keep details about bonuses secret Chronicle
Houston public school employees will receive about $23 million in bonuses today, but the district likely will fight to keep taxpayers from seeing exactly how it disbursed the money.

Criminals in school? Who knows? Elgin Courier News
The school district was not informed by law enforcement officials that Facio was a suspect in the sexual assault or attempted abduction until after the attack at Elgin High, according to Broncato.


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