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Awkward Turtle Ahead For The Senate Education Committee

281467340_c7b9f59358_m Let's give an awkward turtle (right) for the next meeting of the Senate education committee, points out MM at EdWeek (Education Endorsement).  Clinton, Obama, and Kennedy all serve there together.

Wendy Kopp is named at 13 on Princeton's all time influential alumni list, notes the Core Knowledge blog (…And All I Got Was This Building).  Wow. 

Oh, no -- some good being done by charters, according to JJ: Charters keep families in Cleveland.  There's no good that can come of this.

Not to be done by exit exams, pay for performance schemes (for kids) are spreading fast, says TQATE: If You Pay Them They Will Pass.  What will parents do with all that allowance money they planned to give out?

Bush's efforts on NCLB renewal are too little, too late, says Eduwonk (No Child Counterfactual).  Though I'm not sure an all-out Bush effort on education would have helped, really.

Classroom teachers have blogs, too, apparently, and The 'Kette went out and found one of them to write something: The Misleading Specter of "Social Promotion".

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