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Ap080130031265 There's an Obama uprising in California, says EIA (Hillary's CTA Endorsement Sidetracked).  Trouble for Clinton?  Big Swify has a crush on The 'Kette, I think (The Imp Possible Dream).  They might already be dating.  Some people hate the Gates folks for being too prescriptive, but others like Instructivist dislike the Gates folks for being too soft (Gates wrecking ball).  Amazing.  Over at Teacher Leaders, folks have some things to get off their chests (Left a Child Behind? Three Confessions).  Meanwhile, some thoughts on the other ed tech conference from last week (Educon 2.0).    And some more thoughts about that Matt Miller article (“First, Kill All the School Boards”).  Meanwhile, in Oakland they're talking about something really old school: Bumping rights for teachers — a good idea?.


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