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Around The Blogs, Wednesday

Too little, too late on NCLB, says the AFT (AFT President Ed McElroy's Statement on the State of the Union). Tell that to Ted Kennedy and George Miller, says I.

12ef082ab9f4fcf70fd33f2522c6b4b6400Another media-created "trend" is in the air, says Kevin Carey (The School Budget Crisis That Wasn't).  He sees bad journalism, everywhere. 

Best blog post headline of the day, so far, from KD-ed:  Dan Brown has been socially promoted.  Close second, from the CKB:  Pell Mell.

From a couple of days ago, but still worthy:    Timely Tidbits on Unintended Consequences.  What does that phrase really mean, asks The 'Kette.

Denver success story is being quashed, says JJ:  Let my school go its own way.  Sounds like what LA schools are doing.

If only Andwonk read other blogs, he'd know that I posted about this months ago (LinkEd).  Party on Friday, though.  See you there, perhaps.


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