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Big Stories Of The Day

ABC News: Knives, Bites: Another Day at Pre-School ABC
Author Walter Gilliam, director of the Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy, said he didn't set out to study preschool expulsions. But when he was analyzing publicly-funded prekindergarten policies at 3,898 schools in 40 states, he found expulsion rates three times higher than for older grades.

PLUS:  School cop put him in cuffs! NYDaily News

Sparring Continues Over NCLB Legal Ruling EdWeek
A court ruling that revived a major legal challenge to the No Child Left Behind Act is drawing sharply differing interpretations from Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings and advocates for states and school districts.

Is This What Failure Looks Like? RedOrbit
The latest NEA compilation shows one out of every four schools was unable to meet "adequate yearly progress" (AYP) last year, and one in seven was in "improvement" or "corrective action," which makes them subject to punishment if they receive federal Title I funds.

Thousands of Ohio's gifted students not receiving adequate education
Thousands of Ohio's gifted students go without any special services every year because there's no state mandate to provide them and there's not enough money.

OIG Casts Doubt over ED 'Policy Letters'
Did the district act properly when it instituted, without prior ED approval, a one-time early retirement incentive (sometimes called a “buy-out”) for employees using federal funds?

[Speaking of buyouts: Districts Discharge Unwanted Faculty Through ‘Buyouts’]


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