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Who Knew NCLB Was So Well-Liked?

The run of major newspaper editorial pages supporting the current NCLB over some of the proposed fixes has been a surprisingly long and consistent one, including most recently the Christian Science Monitor (Let NCLB do its work), and the Chicago Tribune (The next NCLB). Of course, dry editorials aren't going to make much difference to the process, which as I've pointed out is in a particularly political phase right now. But who knew that NCLB was so popular among editorial page writers?


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NCLB is polpular because it was needed, it's working (to a degree, anyway), and the editorial writers know it's an important part of closing the achievement gap; which is the civil rights initiative of the twenty-first century. Bush might not be the brightest bulb in the box but Laura Bush and Rod Paige had much to do with this important domestic legislation.

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